Alex “Beefus” DʼAurelio (B. 1992 )

“An Elliptical in my jaw holding a stick and capturing the the sounds of vehicles

and animals in a tin can with one arm. While I donʼt generally care for much , it

more than likely has the capability of being captured with a different scent or color

or time allowing me to make it easier for documentation purposes. If itʼs even

harder pressed, extending my throat might help it sit still for a cognitive

photograph. Are you going to say itʼs not that or what it might be, maybe you are

right but its still not true by both sides”

You may have heard that unique scream or stream of conscious verbal flutter

before. Some say it is reminiscent of a contorted mammal with a mouth full of

candy and marbles, sprinting towards its ticklish demise into a 10ʼx10ʼ microwave

oven. Whether you heard it on a stage, record , video, the radio, or even a random

street corner it is a sound unlike any other. In fact it was the first thing Ann

DʼAurelio head on the afternoon of June 20th 1992, when she squeezed out her

baby “Beefus”.

Alex “Beefus” DʼAurelio is based out of Rochester, NY, where he runs his

multimedia company “Clibbus International”. His main focus Is on making music

and drawings to accompany those sounds. His band “Clibbus” started as a solo

recording project in his late teens, and although he has been very active in

Rochesterʼs underground music scene and playing in various other musical groups

Clibbus always remained a personal outlet for his musical ideas that were

considered more “off center” by many thus making it harder to use in any of his

projects at the time.

In just a few short years Clibbus would release 2 official full length solo records

for Clibbus (2015ʼs Pabloom Mannequin Palace, and 2018ʼs Spider Collection),

various comedy records for DʼAurelios friend Denis Chibhammer (Under the

moniker 8=Denis to society) through Clibbus International, an industry started in

his head turned bedroom, that would operate all of the outlets of the Clibbus world

in which he would combine Audio, Video, and drawings amongst other platforms to

release with the Clibbus International aesthetic.

Years later in late 2018 DʼAurelio joined forces with Graham Balcomb and Mike

Mcgee to finally turn Clibbus into a band that would expand upon both old and

new ideas of DʼAurelios, as well as collaborating as a trio to fashion a whole new

sound and material for the live element. In less than a year the Trio has gone on 2

mid-west/ east coast tours, released a full length album (2019ʼs Crowning For

Dog) and recorded various B-sides which have been released as singles or

featured on compilations.

While much of the music clearly reflects itʼs influence of punk rock, avant-garde,

and experiential sounds of the past century, there has never been any limitation as

to what sounds can be made as Clibbus has always been an outlet to create what

you want at that moment. In fact most of the sounds are extensions and

documented perceptions of various fascinations of that moment and are supposed

to be just as much a visual endeavor as they are an aural one.

With the right hand on the record button, DʼAurelioʼs left hand is usually holding a

pen drawing most every day drawing in note books making small crude comics or

large detailed surrealistic pictures that are either used as muses for the music or

scatter brained ideas to be turned into a larger reality. Alongside with various

forms of prose and poetry he collects these drawings into zines that become a

larger story on perceptions of the human condition and subversive thoughts on

the current state of existence. Over the years he has released various zines and

most recently his first book of drawings titled “Thereʼs No Runway Here” through

Clibbus International.

Aside from the music and drawing, Clibbus International also tackles various other

artistic platforms including video production (Releasing his own short film “The

Parade of Naked Clowns”, in which DʼAurelio wrote, directed, scored and starred

in) performance art, clothing design, photography, painting, and had a radio show

on 104.3 FM in Rochester (The Hey Doggy Variety Hour). Bearing no hesitation to

learn or create DʼAurelio has used Clibbus International as a vessel to take any

artistic platform and put the sauce on it to his taste without any consideration for

the rest of us at the table, he is clearly using any outlet possible to redesign the

facts of his reality and mold it into his own world.

DʼAurelio was born and raised in Rochester, NY. He has only a high school diploma

and is completely self taught in all fields of his production. He currently works as a

freelance Guitar/ Backline Technician and audio engineer spending most of his

time on the road with various touring musical groups. Aside from running Clibbus

International he spends time studying electrical / audio engineering learning how

to build and repair guitars, amplifiers, pedals, and other musical equipment, which

he is planning to integrate under the Clibbus International output. He also enjoys

traveling (aside from work) and spending time in nature interacting with animals,

most notably Dogs, but also horses, birds, llamas and turtles when they are near.